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Dress911 (Dress-nine-one-one) is a small team that works to provide Canadians with an amazing selection of uniquely cute and fun clothing. We carry casual and party styles and have a special love for vintage-inspired, bohemian, and retro looks. Based in London, ON, we connect to Canadians from coast to coast. With the help of our awesome customers, Dress911 has become a Canadian favourite.
Happy shopping!
Lana & Michael

Chapter 1: In the beginning...
In 2003, and half the world away, we met during the most unlikely of encounters. Little did we expect but four years later we were married and living in London, Canada.

Chapter 2: Got an idea...
In 2009, plans for the online store Dress911 begin in the Summer involving a lot of coffee, late nights, discussions, and clumsily learning new skills as our living space turns into our workspace. By Fall, our super DIY website with matching graphics is up and running with a total of ten dress styles and we couldn't be happier.  In the first year our inventory and sales grow quickly, and we are running out of space in our small home. 

Chapter 3: A little crowded....
In the Summer of 2011, we hired our first staff member who worked with us in our home.  As things got more cramped we decided to move to a commercial location and found a small 1200sq ft industrial space to serve as our warehouse where local customers could come in to pick up orders. We started with one fitting room.

Chapter 4: Time for an upgrade...
By 2013, we needed some serious help with all aspects of our website as we faced challenges that we're beyond our novice abilities. We hired a graphic designer to work in-house tasked with updating our original DIY site. And our computer programmer worked to improve functionalities and get us onto a new server to host the site.

Chapter 5: Love at first sight...
In 2015, as lovely as our little spot was, we decided that it was time to move to a larger location that would also be more accessible to our customers. After looking a several places, we found one that was perfect being 3500 sq ft divided ideally between a showroom and warehouse with accompanying offices. We would now have a proper space for our photo studio, staff lunch room, and room for more fitting rooms. After working furiously to prepare the new location we opened in May of 2015 and still call it home.

Chapter 6: The story continues...
A big thanks to all our great customers; many who have been with us since the beginning. You have been cheerleaders for our store by sharing us with your friends, family, co-workers, and strangers.
Over the years we been fortunate to have been able to work with amazing staff members.  And we wouldn't be where we are today without their amazing efforts.

We all look forward to you visiting our small shop, if possible. And if not, we'll see you online :)

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